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Clan -=[AoP]=-
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Buying Admin?

This is where you can use your skills to win money

In Order to Get the money you win you will have to email us your address you want the money sent to within 5 days. If You Do Not Send Us It All of The Prize Money Will Go To Clan -=[AoP]=-

We Will have Tournament Some Days With entry Fee Ranging from $0.50 - $5.00
Before Paying For Entry Fee You Must email Me Joe

1.No Haxing anyone suspected by clan owners will be kicked out of Tournament.
2.No using unfair advantages like admin power or you will be kicked out of tournament.
3.Have Fun! If you Dont well I dont know what we will do.

Our Next tournament will be on Febuary 19th For $1.00 There will be a prize pool of However many people enter.The Tournament will start at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.
Find Tournament info at

Please Send Tournament Money To through paypal With Subject Stating Tournament. Or Email me at asking for an alternate way of payment almost all payments transfers excepted.

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Clan -=[Aop]=- Will Rock You!